Our tinctures are formulated with Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil in a organic fractionated coconut oil. We use Coconut oil instead of Hemp seed oil (which contains no Cannabinoids) due to it’s significantly higher fat content. CBD & other cannabinoids are not water soluble, they bind to the fats in coconut oil, giving our tinctures a higher bio-availability. We only offer our tinctures in 2 strengths 1500mg & 3000mg. This is for easier & more accurate dosing. Our droppers are calibrated at 1ml, .75, .50 & .25. With a 1500mg tincture each 1ml dropper equals 50mg of total cannabinoids. 3000mg tinctures each 1ml dropper equal 100mg total cannabinoids. This combined with the calibrated droppers allows you to more accurately gauge your dosage. We suggest you start at 25mg per dose, and work your way up (or down) to find your optimal dosage range.